Thomas A. Richmond

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The ability to assay a variety of metals by noninvasive methods has applications in both biomedical and environmental research. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a protein isolated from coelenterates that exhibits spontaneous fluorescence. GFP does not require any exogenous cofactors for fluorescence, and can be easily appended to other proteins at the DNA(More)
We describe the semilattice of ordered compactifications ofX×Y smaller than βoX×βoY whereX and Y are certain totally ordered topological spaces, and where βoZ denotes the Stone–Čech orderedor Nachbin-compactification of Z. These basic cases are used to illustrate techniques for describing the semilattice of ordered compactifications ofX×Y smaller than(More)
We describe two boys with cytogenetically identical interstitial deletions in the q42.11-q42.13 region of the long arm of chromosome 1 detected by high-resolution G-banding analysis. These children share some phenotypic features but also exhibit distinct morphologic differences. We further characterized the deletions using a new technical(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a considerably advanced method of array painting, which allows the rapid, ultra-high resolution mapping of translocation breakpoints such that rearrangement junction fragments can be amplified directly and sequenced. METHOD Ultra-high resolution array painting involves the hybridisation of probes generated by the amplification of(More)
If (X ′, τ ′,≤′) is an ordered compactification of the partially ordered topological space (X, τ,≤) such that ≤′ is the smallest order that renders (X ′, τ ′,≤′) a T2-ordered compactification of X, then X ′ is called a Nachbin(or order-strict) compactification of (X, τ,≤). If (X ′, τ ′,≤∗) is a finite-point ordered compactification of (X, τ,≤), the Nachbin(More)
Cardinalities and lattice structures which are attainable by semilattices of ordered compactifications of completely regular ordered spaces are examined. Visliseni and Flachsmeyer have shown that every infinite cardinal is attainable as the cardinality of a semilattice of compactifications of a Tychonoff space. Among the finite cardinals, however, only the(More)
We present a construction which shows that the Tiordered reflection (i ∈ {0, 1, 2}) of a partially ordered topological space (X, τ,≤) exists and is an ordered quotient of (X, τ,≤). We give an explicit construction of the T0-ordered reflection of an ordered topological space (X, τ,≤), and characterize ordered topological spaces whose T0-ordered reflection is(More)
Order-theoretically connected posers are introduced and applied to create the notion of T-connectivity in ordered topological spaces. As special cases T-connectivity contains classical connectivity, order-connectivity, and link-connectivity.
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