Thomas A. Pauls

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Vega, the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere, serves as a primary spectral type standard. Although its spectrum is dominated by broad hydrogen lines, the narrower lines of the heavy elements suggested slow to moderate rotation, giving confidence that the ground-based calibration of its visible spectrum could be safely extrapolated into the(More)
We report successful fitting of a Roche model, with a surface temperature gradient following the von Zeipel gravity darkening law, to observations of Altair made with the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer. We confirm the claim by Ohishi, Nordgren, & Hutter that Altair displays an asym-metric intensity distribution due to rotation, the first such(More)
Interferometric observations of two well-known Be stars, γ Cas and φ Per, were collected and analyzed to determine the spatial characteristics of their circumstel-lar regions. The observations were obtained using the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer equipped with custom-made narrowband filters. The filters isolate the Hα emission line from the nearby(More)
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