Thomas A. Morrison

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1. Photographic mark–recapture is a cost-effective, non-invasive way to study populations. However , to efficiently apply photographic mark–recapture to large populations, computer software is needed for image manipulation and pattern matching. 2. We created an open-source application for the storage, pattern extraction and pattern matching of digital(More)
Socioecological models of the evolution of female-bonded societies predict a relation between resource distribution and the nature of female affiliative and dominance relationships. Species that mainly rely on abundant, widely distributed resources, like African savanna elephants, are predicted to have unresolved dominance hierarchies and poorly(More)
Despite recognition that nearly one-third of the 6300 amphibian species are threatened with extinction, our understanding of the general ecology and population status of many amphibians is relatively poor. A widely-used method for monitoring amphibians involves injecting captured individuals with unique combinations of colored visible implant elastomer(More)
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