Thomas A. McCormick

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This study employed the Stroop paradigm to examine comprehension of single words in autistic children. The words of interest varied along a concrete-abstract dimension. In the Stroop paradigm, subjects are asked to name the color of ink in which color words are printed. Comprehension is indexed by the degree to which the automatic processing of words(More)
We present a trajectory-based method with which to learn information about the qualitative role that solvent molecules play in dynamic simulations of reactions that occur in solution. A spatial grid is superimposed on the system being simulated, and average fluxes of solvent molecules between cells on the grid are calculated along reactive trajectories. The(More)
A lattice gas simulation of water between a hydrophobic plate and a hydrophilic plate (a Janus interface) shows large fluctuations in the number of liquid cells in contact with the hydrophobic plate, and a power spectrum similar to the experimental results that Zhang, Zhu, and Granick found [X. Y. Zhang, Y. X. Zhu, and S. Granick, Science 295, 663 (2002)](More)
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