Thomas A. Mück

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Automatic mapping of I/O intensive applications on massively parallel systems is a challenging problem of great importance. This paper proposes a novel solution to the I/O problem. First, Fort-ran language extensions are introduced that support highly eecient I/O processing. Second, we specify the appropriate compilation method that utilizes an advanced(More)
| For an increasing number of data intensive scientiic applications, parallel I/O concepts are a major performance issue. Tackling this issue , we provide an outline of an input/output system designed for highly eecient, scalable and conveniently usable parallel I/O on distributed memory systems. The main focus of this paper is the parallel I/O runtime(More)
| Based on the Cayley graph framework for the generation and application independent evaluation of multiprocessor in-terconnection topologies, an application dependent task mapping problem is addressed. In particular, we start from an inter-connection topology considered attractive from a graph theoretical point of view which is produced by an(More)
The success of object-oriented software modelling depends to a large extent on the ability to create adequate abstractions. While abstraction itself must remain an intellectual process, a modelling language can support or hinder this process by offering different kinds or dimensions of abstraction. For instance , adhering to the object-oriented paradigm UML(More)