Thomas A Keith

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Two patients with ascites due to peritoneal involvement by multiple myeloma are reported and seven previously described cases of plasmacytic ascites are reviewed. In all nine cases, ascitic fluid contained large numbers of bizzare, immature plasma cells. Although the cells were often difficult to characterize by light microscopy, they could be rapidly(More)
In a 10-year period, 7200 of 19,000 black hypertensive adults in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center were referred to the Hypertension Service. In selected patients, intravenous urograms (1038) and renal arteriograms (238) were performed; 47 cases of renovascular hypertension (0.65% of the referred group and 0.25% of the entire sample) were(More)
Although follicular centers are the sites of production of plasma cell precursors, plasmacytic differentiation in follicular center cell (FCC) lymphomas is rarely seen, presumably because of a "block" in differentiation of the large noncleaved FCC. The authors reviewed a large number of these cases to determine the frequency of plasmacytic differentiation(More)
In bluegill sunfish, the melanin-containing pigment granules of the retinal pigment epithelium undergo cyclic movements in response both to ambient lighting and circadian cues. Pigment granules aggregate into the cell body at night (in the dark), and disperse into apical processes during the day (in the light). Regulation of pigment granule aggregation in a(More)