Thomas A. Gannon

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Predictors of engagement in mothers receiving home visitation in the first year of service was examined. Early engagement was studied in three ways: (1) length of time active in the program during the first year of service (duration), (2) number of visits received (quantity), and (3) gaps in service between visits (consistency). Examined visits received in(More)
Secondary abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS), defined as intra-abdominal hypertension with associated pulmonary, renal, or hemodynamic compromise in the absence of preceding abdominal operation or injury, can markedly increase surgical morbidity and mortality. We performed a retrospective chart review of the physiologic parameters and outcomes of 10(More)
Acute adrenal insufficiency has been demonstrated in a number of patients with shock. This study was designed to evaluate the rate of occult adrenal insufficiency in the critically ill trauma population and to determine the impact of hypoproteinemia on the use of random cortisol levels as a marker for adrenal insufficiency. Forty-four patients were(More)
As home visitation programs go to scale, numerous challenges are faced in implementation and quality assurance. This article describes the origins and implementation of Every Child Succeeds, a multisite home visitation program in southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. In order to optimize quality assurance and generate new learning for the field, a(More)
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