Thomas A. Dowling

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Let L be a finite geometric lattice of rank r, and for i =0, I, •• •» r, let W. denote the number of elements of L with rank i. F or 1 < k < r 2, we have W, + W. + • • • + V, < W ,+•••+ W ., + W , 12 fe r—k r—l r—1 with equality if and only if the lattice L is modular. We give two further results concerning matchings of lattice elements of rank < k into(More)
A code designed for communication over a band-limited channel perturbed by white Gaussian noise and satisfying an equal-power input constraint can be represented mathematically as a set of points on the surface of a sphere in n-dimensional Euclidean space. For a given number M of code points, it is generally desirable from the standpoint of transmission(More)
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