Thomas A D Chapman

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Reaction of ethylenediamine solutions of K(4)E(9) (E = Sn, Pb) with diphenylcadmium yielded the Cd(C(6)H(5))-functionalized Zintl ions, closo-[E(9)Cd(C(6)H(5))](3-) (E = Sn (1); Pb (2)). Solution reactivity studies of 1 with tributyltinhydride in pyridine revealed that the cluster is capable of undergoing a coupling reaction to yield the(More)
Reaction of an ethylenediamine solution of the intermetallic Zintl phase K4Pb9 with dimesitylcadmium yielded the dimeric Zintl ion [Pb9Cd-CdPb9]6- in low crystalline yield. The cluster anion exhibits a Cd-Cd bond and was structurally characterised by single crystal X-ray diffraction in [K(2,2,2-crypt)]6[Cd2Pb18].2en (1). DFT was also used to explore the(More)
In a multi-antenna transmitter system, the effective combined signal in the air will consist of a combination of signals. These signals will for example experience different path loss and then be combined at the receiver location. This results in a combined signal that may be different than a conducted signal at the antenna port. This model was used to(More)
With coming base station equipped with active antenna system (AAS) it is believed that the output power transmitted in the desired direction of a base station needs to be measured over the air. This in contrast to the conducted measurements performed today. The EIRP achieved by the beams radiated from a base station will affect the coverage and performance(More)
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