Thomas A Broughan

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OBJECTIVE To construct and analyze a database comprised of all reported cases of primary breast lymphoma (PBL) that include treatment and follow-up information published during the last 3 decades. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA PBL accounts for 0.4% of breast malignancies and 2% of extranodal lymphomas. Surgical therapy has varied from biopsy to radical(More)
BACKGROUND Native arterial venous fistulas (NAVF) are generally considered preferable to synthetic grafts for chronic dialysis access. As increasing numbers of diabetic and elderly patients are treated, adequate NAVFs become more difficult to establish. Vascular ultrasonography (US) prior to NAVF surgery has received little attention. METHODS Patients(More)
Neurological complications occurred in 4 (19%) of 21 consecutive patients (Group II) undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation, compared with a 47% (9/19) incidence in our initial series (Group I). In Group II, the neurological problems included new recurrent headaches and delayed intracerebral hemorrhage (1 patient), partial third nerve palsy and(More)
Cancer of the proximal bile ducts continues to pose a formidable problem to even the most experienced biliary surgeon. From 1977 through 1985, 51 patients with histologically confirmed proximal bile duct cancers underwent surgical treatment. The lesion was confined to the hilar region in 30 patients; there was extensive hepatic infiltration or distant(More)
BACKGROUND Routine contralateral groin exploration in infants and children with a clinically detected inguinal hernia is the subject of much debate. The detection of a patent processus vaginalis by transinguinal laparoscopy has proven advantageous. However, controversy remains regarding the true incidence of a contralateral patent processus vaginalis as(More)
Most general surgeons involved in breast cancer care have limited experience with phyllodes tumors. We analyzed a comprehensive database incorporating 8567 breast cancer cases treated surgically in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, region between 1969 and 1993. This yielded 32 cases of phyllodes tumors (0.37%) in 31 patients. The median age was 57 years (range, 18-91).(More)
This study assesses the long-term results of operations for benign gastric ulcers. Three-hundred forty-nine patients operated upon between 1950-1979 have been followed over the past 20 years with a mean and median follow-up of 11.8 and 11.1 years. Fifty-five per cent of the patients had a gastric resection without vagotomy; 19.8 per cent had gastric(More)
Controversies in palliation of pancreatic carcinoma include the best biliary bypass, the best gastric by-pass, and how routinely gastric bypass should be used. We reviewed the records of 142 patients who underwent palliative operations for pancreatic carcinoma at the Cleveland Clinic over a 5-year period. Direct choledochal-enteric anastomosis proved(More)
Twenty patients with advanced liver disease, in need of transplantation, were given three injections of 20 micrograms and three injections of 40 micrograms hepatitis B vaccine to see if an antibody response could be obtained. Only 20% of patients developed measurable anti-HBs. One who failed to develop anti-HBs developed chronic hepatitis B after exposure(More)