Thom Hodgson

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The role of potassium conductances in determining input resistance was studied in 166 genioglossal (GG) motoneurons using sharp electrode recording in brain stem slices of the rats aged 5-7 days, 13-15 days, and 19-24 days postnatal (P). A high magnesium (Mg(2+); 6 mM) perfusate was used to block calcium-mediated synaptic release while intracellular or(More)
The contribution of synaptic input to input resistance was examined in 208 developing genioglossal motoneurons in 3 postnatal age groups (5-7 day, 13-16 day, and 18-24 day) using sharp electrode recording in a slice preparation of the rat brain stem. High magnesium (Mg(2+); 6 mM) media generated significant increases (21-38%) in both the input resistance(More)
Immunocytochemistry and retrograde horseradish peroxidase (HRP) transport were used to study the ganglion of the nervus terminalis in the American eel, Anguilla rostrata. Luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) like immunoreactivity was found in large, ganglion-like cells located ventromedially at the junction of the telencephalon and olfactory bulb(More)
Cellular correlates of classical conditioning were examined in two recently identified light responsive pedal neurons. The correlates of conditioning consisted of significant decreases in the pedal cells' responses to light (conditioned stimulus) recorded from conditioned animals compared to random controls. Pedal cell P7, which exhibits an inhibitory(More)
As part of the analysis of the circuitry underlying phototaxis, 4 light-responsive pedal neurons were identified and characterized. The 4 newly identified neurons have been designated as pedal neurons P7, P8, P9 and P10. Pedal cell P7 has an inhibitory response to light, lasting several minutes. Pedal cells P8, P9 and P10 exhibit excitatory 'on' responses(More)
Reflex effects of cardiac receptor (CR) stimulation are attenuated in pregnant rats. We tested whether CR afferent discharge is reduced during pregnancy by measuring single fiber activity in response to increases in right atrial pressure (RAP) in anesthetized pregnant and virgin rats with sinoaortic denervation. Single fiber activity was isolated from fine(More)
RESEARCH INTERESTS Supply Chain Optimization Research is largely focused on analyzing the impact of emerging trends (increased availability of information, disruptions caused by supply shortages, and natural or man-made disasters) on optimal stocking decisions within a supply chain. The modeling approaches for these problems have largely been stochastic,(More)
abstract This paper extends the concept of investment efficiency from investment management structures to include strategic asset allocation and liability related issues. The concept of risk budgeting is developed. It represents a valuable way of incorporating risk and return information to produce more efficient investment decisions. Information ratio is a(More)
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