Thokozani Majozi

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The integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) is an electrical power generation system which offers efficient generation from coal with lower effect on the environment than conventional coal power plants. However, further improvement of its efficiency and thereby lowering emissions are important tasks to achieve a more sustainable energy production. In(More)
This paper presents the application of fuzzy set theory (FST) within the context of integrated planning and scheduling. Fuzzy set theory provides a framework for modelling uncertain or ambiguous information, which is commonly encountered in industry. A typical example of a r l i a p e t s d p c s ©
This paper presents a continuous-time mathematical formulation for freshwater and wastewater minimisation in multipurpose batch plants with and without a central reusable water storage facility. The minimisation of wastewater is achieved through the exploitation of recycle and reuse opportunities. A superstructure that entails all the possible recycle and(More)
This paper presents a methodology for wastewater minimisation in multipurpose batch plants characterised by multiple contaminant streams. Firstly a situation in which central reusable water storage does not exist is considered. In this case, water from one operation is directly reused in another operation as long as the source and sink operations,(More)
Wastewater minimization can be achieved by employing water reuse opportunities. This paper presents a methodology to address the problem of wastewater minimization by extending the concept of water reuse to include a wastewater regenerator. The regenerator purifies wastewater to such a quality that it can be reused in other operations. This further(More)
rdquoThe work proposes the application of fuzzy set theory (FST) to diagnose the condition of high voltage bushings. The diagnosis uses dissolved gas analysis (DGA) data from bushings based on IEC60599 and IEEE C57-104 criteria for oil impregnated paper (OIP) bushings. FST and neural networks are compared in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency.(More)