Thobayet S. Alshahrani

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This study investigated the possibility of using the prunings of six locally grown tree species in Saudi Arabia for cement-bonded particleboard (CBP) production. Panels were made using four different wood particle sizes and a constant wood/cement ratio (1/3 by weight) and target density (1200 kg/m3). The mechanical properties and dimensional stability of(More)
The present work was carried out to uncover the effect of salinity stress on shoot moisture percentage, pigment content and lipid composition of Ephedra alata Decne. The results suggested that salinity caused significant decrease in plant moisture content. The chl. a, b and carotenoids showed significant decrease with increasing concentration of salt. Total(More)
Non-woody biomass species have high-energy potentials, which could be used for bioenergy production. Invasive species are species spreading into areas, where they are not native, consequently causing environmental and economic problems. Therefore, the present study evaluated the proximate, ultimate, chemical, and fuel characteristics of wood and charcoal of(More)
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