Thoams H. Lee

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Short-channel CMOS technologies have shown growing prominence for a number of RF applications, such as wide-band wireless communication systems. However, the issue of excessive noise in submicron devices remains a major impediment to CMOS-based low-noise RF design. This paper expands very limited theoretical work existing in the eld and presents new results(More)
Various investigators have developed DNA microarrays with electronic readout; however, crosstalk between microarray pixels has received little attention. Electronic crosstalk can occur through the solution between electrodes, giving false results. Here we analyze crosstalk when an integrating readout scheme is used to measure the electrode current for(More)
ThefPDB\(" Planar Doped B_arrier| diode is a device consisting of a p doping spike \v .' between two" intrinsic layers and n ohmic contacts. This device has the advantages of controllable barrier height, diode capacitance and forward to reverse current ratio. A symmetrically designed PDB has an anti-symmetric current vs. voltage characteristic and is ideal(More)
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