Thoa Nguyen

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Multi-bitrate streaming, especially HTTP adaptive streaming (HAS), is becoming popular for video delivery in multimedia network. In this trend, a video is encoded into different versions with different quality levels. Based on the current conditions, a client can adaptively choose the most suitable encoded version. However, the adoption of HAS in managed(More)
HTTP Streaming has been a new trend for video delivering via IP. Currently, most of the adaptation algorithms developed for HTTP Streaming are qualitative, which means the performance metrics could only be shown after the streaming session. In this paper, we embark on this problem by discretizing the whole system. We then formulate an infinite horizon(More)
OpenFlow/Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new networking paradigm that virtualizes network infrastructure by decoupling the control and data plane logic of traditional network devices. The controller of SDN has the overall look about network topology and hence provides flexibility to network operators to implement its own routing approaches. However,(More)
Kimchi, a traditional fermented food regularly consumed in Korea, contains various types of antimicrobial compounds. Among the tested compounds present in common spices used in Kimchi, quercetin showed the highest selectivity index against influenza A virus (IAV) H1N1. In this study, the effect of pretreatment and periodic treatment with quercetin against(More)
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