ThoHuu Le

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OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of radiologically-confirmed pneumonia (RCP) and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) carriage in central Vietnam as a baseline data before Hib conjugate vaccine introduction. STUDY DESIGN In the context of ongoing population-based prospective, hospitalized acute respiratory infection surveillance study, a(More)
Using the sebum-absorbent tape technique, we have disclosed five different patterns of follicular sebum excretion rate (SER). These are the infantile, pubertal, acne, adult and aging patterns, distinguished by different densities of active sebaceous follicles, by distinct levels of follicular SER and by the relative stability in time of the overall SER.
We present a novel approach for improving the management of patients with pigmented neoplasms including malignant melanomas and dysplastic nevi. A cohort of 215 dysplastic nevi and malignant melanomas was studied by cyanoacrylate skin surface stripping (CSSS) and conventional histology. Presence of atypical melanocytes was found in the stratum corneum in(More)
The abnormal cauliflower collagen fibrils present in the skin of dermatosparactic calves were studied by electron microscopy and computerized image analysis. The structure of the fibrils is heterogeneous and varies according to their location in the dermis. Cauliflower fibrils seems due to a defect in the lateral cohesion between the constitutive(More)
The abnormal cauliflower collagen fibrils present in skin of patients with Ehlers-Danlos type I were studied by electron microscopy and computerized image analysis. The size control of the few fibrils displaying a cauliflower shape is apparently lost, eventuating in an increased amount of collagen polymers constitutive of these fibrils. This situation is(More)
Intradermal (i.d.) tests with phytohemagglutinin (PHA) and tuberculin are used in clinical practice to evaluate the cell-mediated immunity. The biologic significance of the skin response to PHA, clinically evaluated by the extent of erythema and induration, was studied histologically after incorporation of tritiated thymidine. It was compared to tuberculin(More)
We report the observation of 16 cases of cutaneous T cell lymphoma consisting of 11 cases with mycosis fungoides and 5 cases with high-grade malignant lymphomas. A standardized clinical evaluation is proposed for patients with low-grade malignant lymphomas for whom we favor the use of non-aggressive therapeutic regimens. High-grade lymphomas need a more(More)