Thiwanka B. Samarakoon

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The generation of stereochemically-rich benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxides for enrichment of high-throughput screening collections is reported. Utilizing a microwave-assisted, continuous flow organic synthesis platform (MACOS), scale-out of core benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxide scaffolds has been achieved on multi-gram scale using an epoxide opening/S(N)Ar(More)
A formal [4+3] epoxide cascade protocol utilizing ambiphilic sulfonamides and a variety of epoxides (masked ambiphiles) has been developed for the generation of benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxides and oxathiazepine-1,1'-dioxides. This protocol combines an epoxide ring-opening with either an S(N)Ar or oxa-Michael cyclization pathway.
The generation of common and stereochemically rich medium-sized benzo-fused sultams via complementary pairing of heretofore-unknown (o-fluoroaryl)sulfonyl aziridine building blocks with an array of amino alcohols/amines in a modular one-pot, sequential protocol using an aziridine ring opening and intramolecular nucleophilic aromatic substitution is(More)
The efficient synthesis of an 80-member library of unique benzoxathiazocine 1,1-dioxides by a microwave-assisted, intermolecular nucleophilic aromatic substitution (S(N)Ar) diversification pathway is reported. Eight benzofused sultam cores were generated by means of a sulfonylation/S(N)Ar/Mitsunobu reaction pairing protocol, and subsequently diversified by(More)
The utilization of a monomer-on-monomer (MoM) intramolecular Mitsunobu cyclization reaction employing norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) reagents is reported for the synthesis of benzofused thiadiazepine-dioxides. Facile purification was achieved via ring-opening metathesis (ROM) polymerization initiated by one of three metathesis catalyst methods: (i) free(More)
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