Thiwanka B. Samarakoon

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Chemical investigation of the n-butanol extract from the methanol extract of the root bark of Artocarpus nobilis furnished four new prenylated flavonoids together with artonin E 2'-methylether (4), isoartonin E 2'-methylether (5), dihydroisoartonin E 2'-methylether (6), artonin V 2'-methylether (7), artobiloxanthone (1), artonin E (2) and(More)
The development of new ROMP-based oligomeric benzyl phosphates (OBP(n)) is reported for use as soluble, stable benzylating reagents. These oligomeric reagents are readily synthesized from commercially available materials and conveniently polymerized and purified in a one-pot process, affording bench-stable, pure white, free-flowing solids on multigram(More)
The construction of a library of benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxides utilizing a one-pot, S(N)Ar diversification-ODCT(50) scavenging protocol is reported. This protocol combines microwave irradiation to facilitate the reaction, in conjunction with a soluble ROMP-derived scavenger (ODCT) to afford the desired products in good overall purity. Utilizing this(More)
The generation of stereochemically-rich benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxides for enrichment of high-throughput screening collections is reported. Utilizing a microwave-assisted, continuous flow organic synthesis platform (MACOS), scale-out of core benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxide scaffolds has been achieved on multi-gram scale using an epoxide opening/S(N)Ar(More)
A one-pot, sequential protocol is reported that involves complementary ambiphile pairing (CAP) of a vinyl sulfonamide with a variety of unprotected amino acids via aza-Michael addition and subsequent intramolecular amidation. The method generates diverse, sp(3)-rich mono- and bicyclic acyl sultams in a highly scalable manner. Modular pairing of(More)
The generation of common and stereochemically rich medium-sized benzo-fused sultams via complementary pairing of heretofore-unknown (o-fluoroaryl)sulfonyl aziridine building blocks with an array of amino alcohols/amines in a modular one-pot, sequential protocol using an aziridine ring opening and intramolecular nucleophilic aromatic substitution is(More)
Altiratinib (DCC-2701) was designed based on the rationale of engineering a single therapeutic agent able to address multiple hallmarks of cancer (1). Specifically, altiratinib inhibits not only mechanisms of tumor initiation and progression, but also drug resistance mechanisms in the tumor and microenvironment through balanced inhibition of MET, TIE2(More)
A monomer-on-monomer (MoM) Mitsunobu reaction utilizing norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) reagents is reported, whereby purification was rapidly achieved by employing ring-opening metathesis polymerization, which was initiated by any of three methods utilizing Grubbs catalyst: (i) free catalyst in solution, (ii) surface-initiated catalyst-armed silica, or(More)
The utilization of a monomer-on-monomer (MoM) intramolecular Mitsunobu cyclization reaction employing norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) reagents is reported for the synthesis of benzofused thiadiazepine-dioxides. Facile purification was achieved via ring-opening metathesis (ROM) polymerization initiated by one of three metathesis catalyst methods: (i) free(More)
A formal [4+3] epoxide cascade protocol utilizing ambiphilic sulfonamides and a variety of epoxides (masked ambiphiles) has been developed for the generation of benzothiaoxazepine-1,1'-dioxides and oxathiazepine-1,1'-dioxides. This protocol combines an epoxide ring-opening with either an S(N)Ar or oxa-Michael cyclization pathway.