Thitima Lhinhatrakool

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Two new cardenolides (1 and 2) along with 12 known compounds were isolated from the dichloromethane extract of the leaves of Calotropis gigantea. The structural elucidation was accomplished by spectroscopic methods. Some of the isolates were evaluated for cytotoxic activity against KB, BC, and NCI-H187 cancer cell lines, and all cardenolides tested were(More)
Eight new prenylated flavonoids, khonklonginols A-H (1-8), together with six known compounds including five flavonoids, lupinifolinol (9), dehydrolupinifolinol (10), flemichin D (11), eriosemaone A (12), and lupinifolin (13), and one lignan, yangambin (14), have been isolated from hexane and dichloromethane extracts of the roots of Eriosema chinense. The(More)
Eight new sesquiterpene alkaloids (1-8) and four known sesquiterpene alkaloids (9-12) have been isolated from the roots of Maytenus mekongensis. Structures were determined using extensive spectroscopic methods. The relative configuration of 7-epi-mekongensine (2) was established by single-crystal X-ray crystallographic analysis. The alkaloids were evaluated(More)
Six prenylated flavonoids, (2R,3S)-3,5,4'-trihydroxy-6″-6″dimethylpyrano(2″,3″:7,6)-8-(3″', 3″'-dimethylallyl)flavanone, (2R,3S)-3,5,2'-trihydroxy-4'-methoxy-6″,6″-dimethylpyrano(2″,3″:7,6)-8-(3″',3″'-dimethylallyl)flavanone, (2R,3R)-3,5,2',4'-tetrahydroxy-6″,6″-dimethylpyrano(2″,3″:7,6)-8-(3″',3″'-dimethylallyl)flavanone,(More)
Five 12,20-epoxypregnane glycosides (1-3, 5, and 6) and two 11,12-seco-pregnane glycosides (4 and 7) with spirodilactone motifs, as well as spirodilactone cleavage products 8 and 9, were isolated from the stems of Hoya kerrii. The relative configurations of the three related skeletons were supported by ROESY experiments and X-ray crystallographic analyses.(More)
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