Thithanhnhan Le

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MIMO is popular technique which can improve the reliability and spectral efficiency of RF communication system by using the spatial link dimensions. It is also an attractive option solution for achieving high data rate. Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered for revision specification of visible light communication standard. One of the most(More)
Watermarking is well-known solution for copyright protection and safety certification in digital media. However for communication, it is a new issue which follows from the development of camera. In this paper we address the capability of invisible watermarking schemes for optical camera communication. By changing the invisible element of image, we will(More)
Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered as an extension of IEEE 802.15.7 specification by same communication channel. Different with another technique, Optical Camera Communication used image sensor for receiver, so the characteristic of image sensor will effect on the operation and performance. In this paper we analyze and discuss the performance(More)
When mentioning about camera, we just think about the picture characteristics such the quality, the resolution. Besides, it will be also the promising technique for communication issue which can be called as optical wireless communication (OWC). The research about OWC has been pushed from these years. However the synchronization still is one of the most(More)
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