Thiruvallur R. Gowrishankar

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Science increasingly involves complex modeling. Here we describe a model for cell electroporation in which membrane properties are dynamically modified by poration. Spatial scales range from cell membrane thickness (5 nm) to a typical mammalian cell radius (10  $$\upmu$$ μ m), and can be used with idealized and experimental pulse waveforms. The model(More)
Pulse trains are widely used in electroporation (EP) for both general biomedical research and clinical applications such as nonthermal tumor ablation. Here we use a computational method based on a meshed transport network to investigate a cell system model's response to a train of identical, evenly spaced electric field pulses. We obtain an unexpected(More)
The frequency and time domain transmembrane voltage responses of a cylindrical cell in an external electric field are calculated using a transport lattice, which allows solution of a variety of biologically relevant transport problems with complex cell geometry and field interactions. Here we demonstrate the method for a cylindrical membrane geometry and(More)
The detection of ECG waves is important to cardiac disease diagnosis. A good system depends heavily upon the accurate and reliable detection of QRS complex as well as the T and P wave. In this paper first the noise is removed from the digitized ECG signal. Then Stationary Wavelet Transform (SWT) is applied to the de-noised signal. After that QRS complex, T(More)
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