Thirumagal Yogaparan

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When faced with a life-threatening illness such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML), patients may feel overwhelmed with making treatment decisions. We recruited 31 consecutive English-speaking patients aged > or = 50 with newly diagnosed AML. We explored patient information needs, decision-making roles, and perceptions about prognosis. Most patients felt that(More)
OBJECTIVES To create a clinical tool to translate between the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS), which geriatrics teams use, and Palliative Performance Scale (PPS), which palliative care teams use, to create a common language and help improve communication between geriatric and palliative care teams. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTINGS Two academic health(More)
With the current push towards using fewer antipsychotics and more non-pharmacological interventions in long-term care, it has become increasingly important for knowledge and best-practice sharing across the province. The “Good Ideas” project began in 2001 in the context of my work as a Royal Ottawa geriatric psychiatry behavioural support outreach nurse to(More)
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