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Hypercholesterolemia and oxidative stress are known to accelerate coronary artery disease and progression of atherosclerotic lesions. In the present study, an attempt was made to evaluate the putative antihypercholesterolemic and antioxidative effects of an ethanolic extract of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) and chrysin, one of its major(More)
Keratinolytic proteases find extensive applications both in environmental biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. An extracellular keratinolytic protease was purified and characterized from the fungus, Aspergillus parasiticus, isolated from poultry soil. The enzyme was purified to homogeneity by acetone and ammonium sulfate precipitations followed by(More)
In the present study, the antioxidant potential of an ethanolic extract of Cineraria maritima and its efficacy in preventing selenite-induced cataractogenesis were assessed in vitro and in vivo. In the in vitro phase of the study, lenses dissected out from the eyes of Wistar rats were incubated for 24 h at 37°C in Dulbecco’s modified Eagle medium (DMEM)(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the possible free radical-scavenging activity of an extract of Cineraria maritima on selenite-induced cataractous lenses in Wistar rat pups. METHODS In the present study, Wistar rat pups were divided into three experimental groups. On P10, Group I (control) rat pups received an intraperitoneal injection of 0.89% saline. Rats in(More)
PURPOSE To determine the putative role of acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) in maintaining normal intercellular communication in the lens through connexin. METHODS In the present study, Wistar rat pups were divided into 3 groups of eight each. On postpartum day ten, Group I rat pups received an intraperitoneal injection (50 µl) of 0.89% saline. Rats in Groups II(More)
This paper proposes a single-phase seven-level inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic systems, with a novel pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) control scheme. Three reference signals that are identical to each other with an offset that is equivalent to the amplitude of the triangular carrier signal were used to generate the PWM signals. The inverter is capable of(More)
In order to investigate a many valued logical system whose proportional value is given in a lattice, in 1993 Y. Xu [12] first established the lattice implication algebra by combining lattice and implication algebra, and explored many useful structures. The ideal theory serves a vital function for the development of lattice implication algebras. Y. Xu, Y.B.(More)
Power supply voltages in digital systems have been reduced considerably in recent years and often digital components requiring different voltages are present in the same board. This has increased the demand for multiple output power distribution systems with tight load regulation. In this paper, a detailed analysis and design of a multi-output flyback zero(More)
Education has always been important in the development of a nation. And it plays a vital role in the development of human race and nation. So education is a third eye to the every human-being both man and woman. The development of human, culture, social, economic and political, depends on education. Girl’s education is like sowing the seed which gives rise(More)
The main purpose of this study was to examine the causes for absenteeism among primary school children in Baireddypalli Mandal of Chittoor District. In this study, stratified random sampling method was adopted. The participants of the study were 240 students of IV and V classes of six M.P.P. Schools, in Baireddypalli Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra(More)
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