Thipparthi R. Reddy

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Sam68 functionally complements for, as well as synergizes with, HIV-1 Rev in Rev response element (RRE)-mediated gene expression and virus production. Furthermore, C-terminal deletion/point mutants of Sam68 (Sam68DeltaC/Sam68-P21) exert a transdominant negative phenotype for Rev function and HIV-1 production. However, the relevance of Sam68 in Rev/RRE(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) regulates the expression of its genes temporally at the mRNA processing step. A subset of the mRNA species which encode the structural and some accessory genes contains inhibitory sequences (INS or CRS elements) which prevent nuclear export of the RNA or its utilization in the cytoplasm. Such inhibition is overridden by(More)
A wireless adhoc network consists of a group of wireless nodes which can dynamically self-organize themselves into a temporary topology to form a network without using any existing infrastructure. Generally adhoc networks are formed only when there is need and maintained for one time purpose. Node mobility is one of the significant factors that decreases(More)
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