Thilo Brenner

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The poor ability of injured central nervous system (CNS) axons to regenerate has been correlated, at least partially, with a limited and suppressed postinjury inflammatory response. A key cell type in the inflammatory process is the macrophage, which can respond in various ways, depending on the conditions of stimulation. The aim of this study is to compare(More)
We demonstrate how the speed of mixing under laminar conditions can be appreciably enhanced in concurrent centrifugal flows through straight, low-aspect ratio microchannels pointing in radial direction in the plane of rotation. The convective mixing is driven by the inhomogeneous distribution of the velocity-dependent Coriolis pseudo force and the(More)
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a native neurosteroid with immunomodulating activity. DHEA effectively protects animals from several viral, bacterial and parasitic infections and it was suggested that its age-associated decline is related with immunosenescence. In the present study we examined the ability of DHEA to inhibit the production of inflammatory(More)
The intestinal muscles of Procambarus clarkii are striated and yet they are specialized to produce slow peristaltic waves of contraction, not unlike those seen in vertebrate visceral smooth muscle. These muscles cannot be tetanized either by repetitive stimulation or by elevated potassium saline. The excitation-contraction (E-C) coupling mechanism was(More)
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