Thilini Udayangani Ariyadasa

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Glyoxalase pathway plays an important role in stress adaptation and many clinical disorders. The first enzyme of this pathway, glyoxalase I (GlxI), uses methylglyoxal as a substrate and requires either Ni(II)/Co(II) or Zn(II) for activity. Here we have investigated the origin of different metal ion specificities of GlxI and subsequent pattern of inheritance(More)
ETHYLMALONIC ENCEPHALOPATHY PROTEIN 1 (ETHE1) encodes sulfur dioxygenase (SDO) activity regulating sulfide levels in living organisms. It is an essential gene and mutations in ETHE1 leads to ethylmalonic encephalopathy (EE) in humans and embryo lethality in Arabidopsis. At present, very little is known regarding the role of ETHE1 beyond the context of EE(More)
Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) have attracted global concern due to their ubiquitous distribution and properties of persistence, bio accumulation and toxicity. The process of adsorption has been identified as an effective technique to remove PFCs in water. Different non ion-exchange polymeric adsorbents were tested with regard to their sorption kinetics(More)
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