Thijs Verschoor

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We present an exploratory study of the retrieval of semi-professional user-generated Internet video. The study is based on the MediaEval 2011 Rich Speech Retrieval (RSR) task for which the dataset was taken from the Internet sharing platform, and search queries associated with specific speech acts occurring in the video. We compare results from(More)
Overexpression of cyclin D1, a G1 cell cycle regulator, is often found in many different tumor types, such as breast carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. The overexpression of this protein is, in several cases, associated with a poor prognosis. In this study, the effect of cyclin D1 on radiosensitivity was investigated in a breast(More)
This paper describes the participation of the University of Twente team at the Rich Text Retrieval Task of the Media Eval Benchmark Initiative 2011. The goal of the task is to find entry points of relevant parts of videos to reduce the browsing effort of searchers. This is our first participation, therefore our main focus is to create a baseline system(More)
Type Run Description MAP Official A UTen English ASR 0.0031 A UTt hs-t2-nm Top-2 concepts from t hs graph method with neighbor multiply 0.0137 A UTwiki-t2-nm Top-2 Wikipedia concepts with neighbor multiply 0.0131 A UTwiki-t2-en-nm Top-2 Wikipedia concepts and English ASR with neighbor multiply 0.0107 A UTwiki-t2-nl-nm Top-2 Wikipedia concepts and Dutch ASR(More)
Courts have accepted that epileptics sometimes commit unlawful acts as a result of an epileptic seizure. Reasons for this unlawful behaviour may be found in the interictal, ictal and post-ictal phases of the seizure. Interictal aspects which are relevant to the form of epileptic automatism may be the person's natural tendencies, the same psychodynamic(More)
1 The Buchenwald demonstrator The 'Buchenwald' project is the successor of the 'Radio Oranje' project that aimed at the transformation of a set of World War II related mono-media documents –speeches of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, textual transcripts of the speeches, and a database of WWII related photographs– to an attractive online multimedia presentation(More)
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