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This paper describes the work which has taken place in the ARCHON project-ESPRIT project P-2256. The consortium has developed a general purpose architecture which can be used to facilitate cooperative problem solving in industrial applications. The paper describes the need for a multiple agent approach for industrial applications, outlines the benefits(More)
To avoid the application of ionizing radiation to the human body, microwave based imaging has become a topic of intensive research over the last years. This presentation will introduce and compare two major approaches in this domain: Ultra-Highfield Magnetic Resonance Imaging is based on the nuclear spin response, while Microwave Imaging applies ideas of(More)
The Maxwell equations have in general no analytical solution and are therefore often discretized in the space variables leading to a system of differential equations constituting the Maxwell Grid Equations. The discretization method used here is the Finite Integration Theory (FIT). In electromagnetic field computations a model often needs to be simulated(More)
Bio-medical applications often employ geometrically complex models of apparatus and human beings. Thus only methods with capabilities for extremely high spatial resolution are adequate for a proper analysis. The large system size is often coupled to thermal analysis. On top of theses algorithmic challenges, human models are typically not available in the(More)
The system HANSA (=<u>H</u>amburger <u>An</u>alyse von <u>Sa</u>chverhalten) is the first stage of a natural language interface system for the input of data into a DBMS. The system designed and implemented so far (as a Ph.D. project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. W. Brauer) accepts German sentences with a very limited(More)
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