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This paper presents a constructive approach to estimating the size of a neural network necessary to solve a given classification problem. The results are derived using an information entropy approach in the context of limited precision integer weights. Such weights are particularly suited for hardware implementations since the area they occupy is limited,(More)
In this note we describe the notion of a rectifiable scan and consider some applications [DH1], [DH2] to Plateau-type minimization problems. " Scans " were first introduced in the work [HR1] of TristanRivì ere and the second author to adequately describe certain bubbling phenomena. There, the behavior of certain W 1,3 weakly convergent sequences of smooth(More)
In the context of Lebesgue integration, we derive the divergence theorem for unbounded vector fields that can have singularities at every point of a compact set whose Minkowski content of codimension greater than two is finite. The resulting integration by parts theorem is applied to removable sets of holomorphic and harmonic functions. In the context of(More)
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