Thierry Vanden Driessche

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The bone marrow (BM) is composed of the non-adherent hematopoietic and adherent stromal cell compartment. This adherent BM stromal cell fraction contains pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and differentiated mesenchymal BM stromal cells. The MSCs self-renew by proliferation while maintaining their stem-cell phenotype and give rise to the(More)
In order to support the hypothesis that circadian rhythms are implicated in cap formation, experiments were undertaken on the possible time-dependency of the effects of (a) a competitive inhibitor of auxins, morphactin and (b) of auxin (IAA). It was found that: (i) the inhibitory effect of morphactin varies dramatically with the time at which the several(More)
Acetabularia mediterranea algae, grown in three different light-dark regimes, were frozen in liquid nitrogen at c.t.(1) 0 and c.t. 6 and a record made of 77 degrees K fluorescence emission spectra of their chloroplasts. Algae grown under LD cycles exhibited a clear circadian rhythm of oxygen production. The low temperature fluorescence emission spectrum at(More)
The 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate (cyclic-AMP) content of the unicellular alga Acetabularia has been examined at various developmental stages. It has been found that very young algae, less than 10mm in length, have a high cAMP content [more than 7 pmoles per 100 mg wet weight (WW)], but that with the growth of the algae, the cAMP content decreases rapidly,(More)