Thierry Robert

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This paper addresses the problem of classifying digital linear modulations transmitted through an unknown finite memory channel. Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) are used to model the received communication signals. In a classification purpose, our main interest is to determine the posterior probabilities of these received signals conditionally to each class.(More)
BACKGROUND During the Neolithic revolution, early farmers altered plant development to domesticate crops. Similar traits were often selected independently in different wild species; yet the genetic basis of this parallel phenotypic evolution remains elusive. Plant architecture ranks among these target traits composing the domestication syndrome. We focused(More)
BACKGROUND Pearl millet landraces display an important variation in their cycle duration. This diversity contributes to the stability of crop production in the Sahel despite inter-annual rainfall fluctuation. Conservation of phenological diversity is important for the future of pearl millet improvement and sustainable use. Identification of genes(More)
As sessile organisms, plants have to cope with diverse environmental constraints that may vary through time and space, eventually leading to changes in the phenotype of populations through fixation of adaptive genetic variation. To fully comprehend the mechanisms of evolution and make sense of the extensive genotypic diversity currently revealed by new(More)
This work concentrated on understanding the allocation of Cd recently taken up between the organs of sunflower at early and middle reproductive growth stages. The roles of transpiration and allometry were investigated. Sunflowers were grown hydroponically in greenhouse, being exposed to low concentrations of Cd (pCd2+ = 11.03). At flower bud and grain(More)
Crop populations in smallholder farming systems are shaped by the interaction of biological, ecological, and social processes, occurring on different spatiotemporal scales. Understanding these dynamics is fundamental for the conservation of crop genetic resources. In this study, we investigated the processes involved in sorghum and pearl millet diversity(More)
Varietal screening was conducted to characterize how French durum wheat lines (Triticum turgidum L. subsp. durum) differ in the concentration of cadmium (Cd) in their grains and to identify the main (eco) physiological processes behind these differences. Eight French and two Canadian durum wheat lines were grown hydroponically in a nutrient solution with a(More)
Burst demodulation at low signal to noise ratio represents a key issue, especially for satellite return link MF-TDMA access. Besides inherent coding performances, modem implementation losses and reference symbol overhead have to be minimized for a system efficiency objective. This paper presents a new demodulation algorithm, called test frequency, and its(More)
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