Thierry Robert

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This paper addresses the problem of classifying digital linear modulations transmitted through an unknown nite memory channel. Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) are used to model the received communication signals. In a classiication purpose, our main interest is to determine the posterior probabilities of these received signals conditionally to each class. This(More)
BACKGROUND Pearl millet landraces display an important variation in their cycle duration. This diversity contributes to the stability of crop production in the Sahel despite inter-annual rainfall fluctuation. Conservation of phenological diversity is important for the future of pearl millet improvement and sustainable use. Identification of genes(More)
As sessile organisms, plants have to cope with diverse environmental constraints that may vary through time and space, eventually leading to changes in the phenotype of populations through fixation of adaptive genetic variation. To fully comprehend the mechanisms of evolution and make sense of the extensive genotypic diversity currently revealed by new(More)
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