Thierry Reuschlé

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The fai lure mode of lava—di la tant or compactant—depends on the physical attributes of the lava, primarily the porosity and pore size, and the conditions under which it deforms. The failure mode for edifice host rock has attendant implications for the structural stability of the edifice and the efficiency of the sidewall outgassing of the volcanic(More)
We present electrical conductivity measurements (at a fixed frequency of 1kHz) performed on three directions on limestone samples from the quarry of Meriel, during uniaxial tests of deformation up to failure. Samples were saturated from 100% to 80% by drainage. The samples showed brittle fracture with Young’s modulus in the range 10-13 MPa. Formation factor(More)
Previous studies show that pulverized rocks observed along large faults can be created by single high-strain rate loadings in the laboratory, provided that the strain rate is higher than a certain pulverization threshold. Such loadings are analogous to large seismic events. In reality, pulverized rocks have been subject to numerous seismic events rather(More)
Background: Geothermal systems are commonly hosted in highly altered and fractured rock. As a result, the relationships between physical properties such as strength and permeability can be complex. Understanding such properties can assist in the optimal utilization of geothermal reservoirs. To resolve this issue, detailed laboratory studies on core samples(More)
With fractured rocks making up an important part of hydrocarbon reservoirs worldwide, detailed analysis of fractures and fracture networks is essential. However, common analyses on drill core and plug samples taken from such reservoirs (including hand specimen analysis, thin section analysis and laboratory porosity and permeability determination) however(More)
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