Thierry Poulain

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A cell-free translation system was programmed with total, poly(A), non poly(A) and polysomal RNAs from male and female flowers of this plant with separated sexes. The peptide patterns obtained reflected differences in corresponding translatable RNAs. In total RNA products, three peptides were specific for males, two for females. One of the two male-specific(More)
In the current organisation of air traffic control, some cooperative activities appear in the work of air traffic controllers, especially between Tactical Controllers (TC) and Planning Controllers (PC), who manage aircraft inside a sector to prevent collisions. These cooperative activities allow building and maintaining a Common Frame of References (COFOR)(More)
For several years, the need for air traffic control has been continuously increasing. In order to maintain aircraft safety, different support tools have been built and assessed by our laboratory. The professional controllers who have tested these tools have made various criticisms. Our conviction is that it is necessary to design a more cooperative tool(More)
The growth of air traffic generates a multitude of data and parameters that makes it increasing difficult for air traffic controllers to choose rapidly and safely what to decide. The study of air-traffic control of full or partial automation over the past years highlights the need for better tools to meet the challenges of modern air-traffic management.(More)
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