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Regulatory genes called small RNAs (sRNAs) are known to play critical roles in cellular responses to changing environments. For several sRNAs, regulation is effected by coupled stoichiometric degradation with messenger RNAs (mRNAs). The nonlinearity inherent in this regulatory scheme indicates that exact analytical solutions for the corresponding stochastic(More)
Stochasticity in gene expression can give rise to fluctuations in protein levels and lead to phenotypic variation across a population of genetically identical cells. Recent experiments indicate that bursting and feedback mechanisms play important roles in controlling noise in gene expression and phenotypic variation. A quantitative understanding of the(More)
Stochasticity in gene expression gives rise to fluctuations in protein levels across a population of genetically identical cells. Such fluctuations can lead to phenotypic variation in clonal populations; hence, there is considerable interest in quantifying noise in gene expression using stochastic models. However, obtaining exact analytical results for(More)
We study zero-temperature XX chains and transverse Ising chains and join an initially separate finite piece on one or on both sides to an infinite remainder. In both critical and non-critical systems we find a typical increase of the entanglement entropy after the quench, followed by a slow decay towards the value of the homogeneous chain. In the critical(More)
We present the results obtained on the magnetisation relaxation properties of an XX quantum chain in a transverse magnetic field. We first consider an initial thermal kink-like state where half of the chain is initially thermalized at a very high temperature T b while the remaining half, called the system, is put at a lower temperature T s. From this(More)
We study the steady state of a finite XX chain coupled at its boundaries to quantum reservoirs made of free spins that interact one after the other with the chain. The two-point correlations are calculated exactly, and it is shown that the steady state is completely characterized by the magnetization profile and the associated current. Except at the(More)
— Gene products (RNAs, proteins) often occur at low molecular counts inside individual cells, and hence are subject to considerable random fluctuations (noise) in copy number over time. Not surprisingly, cells encode diverse regulatory mechanisms to buffer noise. One such mechanism is the incoherent feedforward circuit. We analyze a simplistic version of(More)
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