Thierry Pezé

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Background: Swimming is often recommended as a means of increasing physical activity and gaining health benefits. The present study examined the psychological, social, and physical health states in competitive swimmers engaged in long-term training. Methods: The study took place during the 4 days of the French master championships in France in 2011 (from 10(More)
This study investigated the effects of combined sleep deprivation and strenuous exercise on cognitive and neurobehavioral performance among long-distance runners completing one of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world. Seventeen runners participated. Each had a wrist-worn actigraph throughout the race to record their sleep time. In addition, each(More)
Lack of sleep is known to negatively affect adolescent's health and the links between regular physical activity and sleep are unclear.This pilot study investigated whether the regular practice of physical activities among sedentary female students would improve their sleep. Nineteen female students, identified as sedentary and having poor subjective sleep(More)
More than 40% of students do not practice any PA. These results highlight the need for a better understanding to develop intervention strategies for students, based on new public health approaches. The contribution of social and physical environmental factors to changes in PA needs to be further explored.<np pagenum="066"/> </ce:para>.
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