Thierry Millan

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The Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) is used to define and describe software development processes and their components. This metamodel contains three main entities: roles, activities and products. Our goal is to ensure synchronization between activities and products of a software development process in order that one of the two entities will(More)
Mastering the development processes is a major challenge for companies, given the increasing complexity of systems and technological development of this field. Besides roles, a development process consists of a set of activities and products which are interdependent. This mutual dependency between the two entities implies that if one of them undergoes a(More)
This paper presents a study concerning the development of OCL specifications for UML models. These specifications aim to guide the analysts during the process of modelling and to help them during all the development cycle. In the scope of the European project NEPTUNE, we identified a set of OCL rules relating either analysis and modelling stages, or(More)
Activities and products are among the key concepts defining and participating to the life cycle of software engineering processes. These two concepts are bonded by strong relationships of production and consumption, which implies that their evolution should be monitored to ensure their consistency and coherence, this monitoring is referred to as(More)
The OCL language is now well-accepted by the modeling community. To be compliant with the regularly updated standard, evaluators must ensure that OCL is a strongly typed language. Indeed, during the analysis of a rule, the evaluator must ensure a correct and a deterministic type of each sub-expression handled. We have chosen to provide a dynamic type system(More)
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