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In this MRI study, we aimed to provide new in vivo structural markers of asymmetry in motor and language networks in a population of healthy preterm neonates scanned at term equivalent age. Using diffusion tensor imaging and probabilistic tractography, we showed that, besides volume and microstructural asymmetries in the parieto-temporal part of the(More)
The articulation of the four French nasal vowels and their oral counterparts has been investigated for four speakers, using magnetic resonance images of the three-dimensional oral and nasal tracts and the cross-sectional velar opening areas. The analysis suggests that the subjects' anatomy in the oral and nasal tracts influences the articulation, with(More)
This paper describes the real-time MRI technique and its use for the study of speech production. The two major problems, (i) the simultaneous recording of the MR images and the speech signal and (ii) the synchronisation of the images and of the speech signal, are addressed. Measurement accuracy on real-time images is evaluated by comparison with similar(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study aimed to investigate brain maturation along gestational age with diffusion tensor imaging in healthy preterm and term neonates. Therefore, a voxel-based study of fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (D(av)) was performed to reveal the brain regions experiencing microstructural changes with age. With tractography,(More)
M.R.I. techniques have been used to describe velum opening of French vowels. Data based on 18 joined axial slices of 4 mm thickness were recorded with two subjects. Differences in vclum opening are calculated from areas measured in the tract between the lowered velum and the back pharynx wall. A 3 D modelling of this tract is also proposed.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Sex differences in white matter structure are controversial. In this MR imaging study, we aimed to investigate possible sex differences in language and motor-related tracts in healthy preterm neonates by using DTI and probabilistic tractography. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-eight preterm neonates (19 boys and 19 girls, age-matched),(More)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques are uniquely attractive in their ability to provide an extensive body of information on the vocal tract geometry. Once the images are acquired, they must be further processed in order to segment the airway from the surrounding tissues, so as to locate the air passage. This problem has been addressed in several ways i n(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral dysfunction is a common feature of both chronic alcohol abusers and binge drinkers. Here, we aimed to study whether, at equated behavioral performance levels, binge drinkers exhibited increased neural activity while performing simple cognitive tasks. METHODS Thirty-two participants (16 binge drinkers and 16 matched controls) were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Preterm infants have a high risk of brain injury and neurodevelopmental impairment, often associated with WMA on conventional MR imaging. DTI can provide insight into white matter microstructure. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between WMA on conventional MR imaging and DTI parameters in specific fibers in(More)