Thierry Lemeunier

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This paper discusses the use of transistor abstraction to enable the functional verification of FPGA fabrics with RTL models. It first describes the multiplexer structures that are used on a massive scale in FPGAs and the specific challenges that they pose to transistor abstraction tools. It then reviews previous approaches and shows that the cone model of(More)
This paper describes the design of the pedagogical feedbacks in Diagram, a learning environment for UML object-oriented modeling. The project is rooted in several years of teaching practice and actual diagrams produced by novice students. Diagram is based upon an interaction framework that supports the learner’s metacognitive activity. It includes a(More)
This article describes a knowledge oriented semantic parser designed for spoken dialog systems. It merges some syntactic and semantic aspects into a single frame to get robust and efficient analyses. The knowledge is entirely described withing an XML formalism. The parser takes as input either a string of words (the 1-best word sequence) or a word-lattice(More)
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