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BACKGROUND Studying social disparities in health implies the ability to measure them accurately, to compare them between different areas or countries and to follow trends over time. This study proposes a method for constructing a French European deprivation index, which will be replicable in several European countries and is related to an individual(More)
BACKGROUND Mammal macrophages (MPhi) display a wide range of functions which contribute to surveying and maintaining tissue integrity. One such function is phagocytosis, a process known to be subverted by parasites like Leishmania (L). Indeed, the intracellular development of L. amazonensis amastigote relies on the biogenesis and dynamic remodelling of a(More)
BACKGROUND To analyse whether Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) are associated with an increased risk of cancer. METHODS The National child development study (NCDS) is a prospective birth cohort study with data collected over 50 years. The NCDS included all live births during one week in 1958 (n=18558) in Great Britain. Self-reported cancer incidence(More)
Events causing stress responses during sensitive periods of rapid neurological development in childhood may be early determinants of all-cause premature mortality. Using a British birth cohort study of individuals born in 1958, the relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and mortality≤50 year was examined for men (n=7,816) and women(More)
In this study, we have established conditions for generating Leishmania amazonensis recombinants stably expressing the firefly luciferase gene. These parasites produced significant bioluminescent signals for both in vitro studies and the development of an in vivo model, allowing the course of the parasitism to be readily monitored in real time in the living(More)
BACKGROUND Because topical therapy is easy and usually painless, it is an attractive first-line option for the treatment of localized cutaneous leishmaniasis (LCL). Promising ointments are in the final stages of development. One main objective was to help optimize the treatment modalities of human LCL with WR279396, a topical formulation of aminoglycosides(More)
Here we engineered transgenic Leishmania infantum that express luciferase, the objectives being to more easily monitor in real time their establishment either in BALB/c mice--the liver and spleen being mainly studied-or in vitro. Whatever stationary phase L. infantum promastigotes population--wild type or engineered to express luciferase-the parasite burden(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to examine the hypothesis that mode of delivery at birth may be associated with metabolic disorders in adult midlife. SETTING Population cohort study PARTICIPANTS The National Child Development Study consists of individuals born during 1 week in 1958 in Great Britain. Respondents with biomedical data on the metabolic(More)
Trypanosoma vivax, one of the leading parasites responsible for Animal African Trypanosomosis (Nagana), is generally cyclically transmitted by Glossina spp. but in areas devoid of the tsetse flies in Africa or in Latin American countries is mechanically transmitted across vertebrate hosts by other haematophagous insects, including tabanids. We followed on(More)
BACKGROUND Self-rated Health (SRH) and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) are used to evaluate health disparities. Like all subjective measures of health, they are dependent on health expectations that are associated with socioeconomic characteristics. It is thus needed to analyse the influence played by socioeconomic position (SEP) on the relationship(More)