Thierry Klein

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Given (Mt)t∈R+ and (M ∗ t )t∈R+ respectively a forward and a backward martingale with jumps and continuous parts, we prove that E[φ(Mt + M ∗ t )] is nonincreasing in t when φ is a convex function, provided the local characteristics of (Mt)t∈R+ and (M ∗ t )t∈R+ satisfy some comparison inequalities. We deduce convex concentration inequalities and deviation(More)
We define a notion of barycenter for random probability measures in the Wasserstein space. We study the population barycenter in terms of existence and uniqueness. Using a duality argument, we give a precise characterization of the population barycenter for compactly supported measures, and we make a connection between averaging in the Wasserstein space and(More)
Despite the amount of experimental and theoretical work on doping-induced superconductivity in covalent semiconductors based on group IV elements over the past four years, many open questions and puzzling results remain to be clarified. The nature of the coupling (whether mediated by electronic correlation, phonons or both), the relationship between the(More)
We analyze the performance of TCP and TCP with network coding (TCP/NC) in lossy networks. We build upon the framework introduced by Padhye et al. and characterize the throughput behavior of classical TCP and TCP/NC as a function of erasure probability, round-trip time, maximum window size, and duration of the connection. Our analytical results show that(More)