Thierry J.-F. Omnés

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The idea of Force-Directed Scheduling (FDS) was first introduced by Paulin and Knight to minimize the number of resources required in the high-level synthesis of high-throughput ASICs [3]. In this paper, we reformulate the original FDS algorithm to address the interactive hardware and software design of low-cost but still high-throughput embedded multimedia(More)
Keeping up with the increase in system design complexityrequires the deployment of extensive engineeringre-use technologies [15], so-called platform-based designtechniques [8]. When creating derivatives of such a complexsystems-on-chip (SOC) platform, verification represents70% of the overall cost. In this process, functionalverification has become a huge(More)
Low-power Issues for SoCs by Christian Piguet, CSEM £. For innovative portable products, Systems on Chips (SoCs) containing several processors, memories and specialised modules are obviously required. Performances but also low-power are main issues in the design of such SoCs. Are these low-power SoCs only constructed with low-power processors, memories and(More)
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