Thierry Charitat

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Progress in the determination of structure and fluctuation spectrum of a floating bilayer system, as well as potential applications for biological studies, is reviewed. The system described here was first introduced by Charitat et al. (Eur Phys J B 8:583–593, 1999) and consists of a planar bilayer floating at 2–3 nm away from an adsorbed one on a solid(More)
The Ampère theorem and the Biot–Savart law are well known tools used to calculate magnetic fields created by currents. Their use is not limited to the case of magnetostatics; they can also be used in time-dependent problems. We show in this paper that the highly classical example of a straight wire, generally treated as a simple magnetostatics problem,(More)
Adhesion in the biological realm is mediated by specific lock-and-key interactions between ligand-receptor pairs. These complementary moieties are ubiquitously anchored to substrates by tethers that control the interaction range and the mobility of the ligands and receptors, thus tuning the kinetics and strength of the binding events. Here we add sliding(More)
We propose a simple friction model for isolated polymer chains on a solid substrate. The chains are pulled at constant velocity by one end, the other end can be trapped on the solid substrate on localised sites. We focus on the energy dissipation due to the traps. This simple model leads to non trivial friction laws, depending on the velocity and the(More)
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