Thierry Bouwmans

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Mixture of Gaussians is a widely used approach for background modeling to detect moving objects from static cameras. Numerous improvements of the original method developed by Stauffer and Grimson [1] have been proposed over the recent years and the purpose of this paper is to provide a survey and an original classification of these improvements. We also(More)
Background modeling for foreground detection is often used in different applications to model the background and then detect the moving objects in the scene like in video surveillance. The last decade witnessed very significant publications in this field. Furthermore, several surveys can be found in literature but none of them addresses an overall review in(More)
Background modeling is a key step of background subtraction methods used in the context of static camera. The goal is to obtain a clean background and then detect moving objects by comparing it with the current frame. Mixture of Gaussians Model [1] is the most popular technique and presents some limitations when dynamic changes occur in the scene like(More)
Background Subtraction is a widely used approach to detect moving objects from static cameras. Many different methods have been proposed over the recent years and can be classified following different mathematical model: determinist model, statistical model or filter model. The presence of critical situations i.e. noise, illumination changes and structural(More)
Detection of moving objects is the first step in many applications using video sequences like video-surveillance, optical motion capture and multimedia application. The process mainly used is the background subtraction which one key step is the foreground detection. The goal is to classify pixels of the current image as foreground or background. Some(More)
Foreground detection is the first step in video surveillance system to detect moving objects. Robust Principal Components Analysis (RPCA) shows a nice framework to separate moving objects from the background. The background sequence is then modeled by a low rank subspace that can gradually change over time, while the moving foreground objects constitute the(More)