Thierry Boulesteix

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We performed polarization-resolved surface second harmonic generation (SHG) experiments on thin films of collagen I and IV molecules, as well as conventional CD measurements. We found that collagen IV presents little CD and no SHG optical activity, whereas collagen I exhibits large chiroptical effects involving both one-electron and excitonic coupling(More)
We extend second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy to the measurement of sarcomere length in unstained living cardiac myocytes with 20-nm accuracy. We quantify individual sarcomere shortening in the presence of saxitoxin and find that it is in agreement with mechanical measurements of atrial tissue contracture. This functional application of SHG(More)
One principal advantage of multiphoton excitation microscopy is that it preserves its three-dimensional micrometer resolution when imaging inside light-scattering samples. For that reason two-photon-excited fluorescence microscopy has become an invaluable tool for cellular imaging in intact tissue, with applications in many fields of physiology. This(More)
BACKGROUND We characterize the application of multiphoton microscopy to the observation of the extracellular matrix of fresh unstained vessels. METHOD Combined two-photon-excited fluorescence (2PEF) and second harmonic generation (SHG) imaging of large arteries reveals the architecture of elastin and collagen fibers in the vessel wall with remarkable(More)
We recorded one-photon excited fluorescence (1PEF) and two-photon excited fluorescence (2PEF) spectra of purified keratin from human epidermis, and determined the action cross section of this endogenous chromophore. We used this spectroscopic analysis to analyse multiphoton images of skin biopsies and assign the intrinsic fluorescence signals in the(More)
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