Thierry Allard

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The aim of the present work is to model iron speciation during its interaction with natural organic matter. Experimental data for iron speciation were achieved with an insolubilised humic acid used as an organic matter analogue for 30microM to 1.8 mM total iron concentrations and 2< or = pH< or = 5.5. IHA was found to be able to impose its redox potential(More)
Herbal therapies gained much popularity among the general public, but compared to therapies approved by official authorities, toxicological studies are frequently not available for them. Hence, there may be inherent risks and the kidneys may be especially vulnerable to toxic effects. Herbs may induce nephrotoxicity by induction of apoptosis. High oxalate(More)
The safety assessment of geological repositories for high-level nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel requires an understanding of the response of materials to high temperatures and intense radiation fields. Clays, such as smectite, have been proposed as backfill material around waste packages, but their response to intense radiation from short-lived fission(More)
Effects of stimulus context on magnitude estimations and on category ratings were examined for a range of stimulus intensities of a 1-kHz tone. The stimuli were distributed in equal-interval steps of energy so they formed a perceptual cluster of high-intensity tones with a perceptual outlier at the lowest intensity. According to the Invariance Principle,(More)
In the Rio Negro basin, podzols develop at the expense of clay-depleted laterites through localised and spectacular weathering fronts. This natural process leads to the remobilization of previously accumulated organic matter (OM) and elements (Al, Fe, Si). OM is thus redistributed within soil profiles and exported towards rivers, giving them their typical(More)
Lodoxamide may be superior compared with cromolyn sodium for treatment of VKC. It is difficult, however, to conclusively determine the superiority of lodoxamide compared with cromolyn from the three studies reviewed in this article. Optimally, a triple-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial involving the ophthalmic products cromolyn sodium(More)
Effects of radiation-induced amorphization of smectite were investigated using artificial irradiation. Beams of 925 MeV Xenon ions with radiation dose reaching 73 MGy were used to simulate the effects generated by alpha recoil nuclei or fission products in the context of high level nuclear waste repository. Amorphization was controlled by X-ray diffraction,(More)
The speciation of uranium was studied in the mill tailings of the Gunnar uranium mine (Saskatchewan, Canada), which operated in the 1950s and 1960s. The nature, quantification, and spatial distribution of uranium-bearing phases were investigated by chemical and mineralogical analyses, fission track mapping, electron microscopy, and X-ray absorption near(More)
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