Thien Huynh-The

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The monitoring of human lifestyles has gained much attention in the recent years. This work presents a novel approach to combine multiple context-awareness technologies for the automatic analysis of people's conduct in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Activity recognition, emotion recognition, location detection, and social analysis techniques are(More)
There is sufficient evidence proving the impact that negative lifestyle choices have on people's health and wellness. Changing unhealthy behaviours requires raising people's self-awareness and also providing healthcare experts with a thorough and continuous description of the user's conduct. Several monitoring techniques have been proposed in the past to(More)
In this paper, we go beyond the problem of recognizing human interactions using videos collected from CCTV-based surveillance systems. We propose an approach that permits to deeply describe common person-person activities in the daily life based on the human poses. The joint coordinates of detected human objects are first located by an impressive(More)
Availability is one of the most important requirements in the production system. Keeping the level of high availability in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing is a challenge task because of the complexity of service providing. By definition, the availability can be maintain by using fault tolerance approaches. Recently, many fault tolerance(More)
CCTV-based behavior recognition systems have gained considerable attention in recent years in the transportation surveillance domain for identifying unusual patterns, such as traffic jams, accidents, dangerous driving and other abnormal behaviors. In this paper, a novel approach for traffic behavior modeling is presented for video-based road surveillance.(More)