Thien Huynh-The

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In this paper, an effective method, named the brightness preserving weighted dynamic range histogram equalization (BPWDRHE), is proposed for contrast enhancement. Although histogram equalization (HE) is a universal method, it is not suitable for consumer electronic products because this method cannot preserve the overall brightness. Therefore, the output(More)
The monitoring of human lifestyles has gained much attention in the recent years. This work presents a novel approach to combine multiple context-awareness technologies for the automatic analysis of people's conduct in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Activity recognition, emotion recognition, location detection, and social analysis techniques are(More)
This paper presents a novel watermarking scheme for authentication of digital color images in social networks. The procedure consists of the embedding of a binary watermark image, containing the owner information, into the image to be authenticated. In order to minimize the artifacts in the host image the process is carried out in the wavelets domain.(More)
Green computing has become one of the hottest trends in recent years. In this research area, the major purpose is to reduce the energy consumption as well as the CO2 emission. Obviously, this topic has been the important issue in the field of electronic and computer engineering. In fact, energy factor might be considered to be a significant cost when(More)
CCTV-based behavior recognition systems have gained considerable attention in recent years in the transportation surveillance domain for identifying unusual patterns, such as traffic jams, accidents, dangerous driving and other abnormal behaviors. In this paper, a novel approach for traffic behavior modeling is presented for video-based road surveillance.(More)
Supporting safe and resilient authentication and integrity of digital images is of critical importance in a time of enormous creation and sharing of these contents. This paper presents an improved digital image watermarking model based on a coefficient quantization technique that intelligently encodes the owner’s information for each color channel to(More)
This paper improves a remarkable background estimation algorithm, namely Neighbor-based Intensity Correction (NIC) which is used in the background subtraction technique for foreground detection. The algorithm has an efficient intensity correction scheme to update the current background based on calculating the standard deviation of two windows captured from(More)