Thien Duc Nguyen

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Solutions for pairing devices without prior security associations typically require users to actively take part in the pairing process of the devices. Scenarios involving new types of devices like Internet-of-Things (IoT) appliances and wearable devices make it, however, desirable to be able to pair users' personal devices without user involvement. In this(More)
Optimization of every step in a bottom-up urinary proteomics approach was studied with respect to maximize the protein recovery and making the downstream steps in the workflow fully compatible without compromising on the amount of information obtained. Sample enrichment and desalting using centrifugal filtration (5 kDa cut-off) yielded protein recoveries up(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute diarrhea remains a major problem in children and is associated with substantial morbidity, mortality and costs. While vaccination against rotavirus could reduce the burden of the disease, the persistent impact of intestinal infections requires effective treatment in adjunct to oral rehydration solutions, to reduce the severity and(More)
Connexin 43 (Cx43) is the predominant gap junction protein expressed in immune cells. Previous manuscripts have stated that gap junctions may play a role in antigen cross-presentation, dendritic cell maturation, T cell development, and regulatory T cell function. Many of these previous studies were performed in vitro. In vivo studies were not directly(More)
In the recent years, new services and businesses leveraging location-based services (LBS) are rapidly emerging. On the other hand this has raised the incentive of users to cheat about their locations to the service providers for personal benefits. Context-based proofs-of-presence (PoPs) have been proposed as a means to enable verification of users' location(More)
Today, most smartphones feature different kinds of secure hardware, such as processor-based security extensions (e.g., TrustZone) and dedicated secure co-processors (e.g., SIM-cards or embedded secure elements). Unfortunately, secure hardware is almost never utilized by commercial third party apps, although their usage would drastically improve security of(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging, resulting in a growing demand for guaranteeing its security and privacy. Imagine the following scenario: In a not so distant future you have just purchased a number of Internet-of-Things (IoT) appliances for your smart home. You are standing in your living room and would like to have these new devices(More)
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