Thien D. Nguyen

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Optimization of every step in a bottom-up urinary proteomics approach was studied with respect to maximize the protein recovery and making the downstream steps in the workflow fully compatible without compromising on the amount of information obtained. Sample enrichment and desalting using centrifugal filtration (5 kDa cut-off) yielded protein recoveries up(More)
Connexin 43 (Cx43) is the predominant gap junction protein expressed in immune cells. Previous manuscripts have stated that gap junctions may play a role in antigen cross-presentation, dendritic cell maturation, T cell development, and regulatory T cell function. Many of these previous studies were performed in vitro. In vivo studies were not directly(More)
Model checking techniques have been applied widely for verifying hardware designs and protocols since they can check if the system operates as desired or not without actually running the system. Recently, the usage of model checking for software verification has also been increasingly considered. One notable advantage of the model checking approach is the(More)
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