Thien Anh Dinh

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We introduce an automated, pathological class level annotation system for medical volumetric brain images. While much of the earlier work has mainly focused on annotating regions of interest in medical images, our system does not require annotated region level training data nor assumes perfect segmentation results for the regions of interest; the time and(More)
We introduce an automated pathology classification system for medical volumetric brain image slices. Existing work often relies on handcrafted features extracted from automatic image segmentation. This is not only a challenging and time-consuming process, but it may also limit the adaptability and robustness of the system. We propose a novel approach to(More)
Document Image Binarization is a technique to segment text out from the background region of a document image, which is a challenging task due to high intensity variations of the document foreground and background. Recently, a series of document image binarization contests (DIBCOs) had been held that have drawn great research interest in this area. Several(More)
This paper proposes a generative model approach to automatically annotate medical images to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of image retrieval systems for teaching, research, and diagnosis. The generative model captures the probabilistic relationships among relevant classification tags, tentative lesion patterns, and selected input features.(More)
Clinical features found in brain CT scan images are widely used in traumatic brain injury (TBI) as indicators for Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) prediction. However, due to the lack of automated methods to measure and quantify the CT scan image features, the computerized prediction of GOS in TBI has not been well studied. This paper introduces an automated GOS(More)
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