Thiemo Clausen

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Neuropeptide Y (NPY) was previously shown in our laboratory to attenuate behavioral signs of morphine withdrawal. To further characterize the anti-withdrawal effect of NPY, the present study attempted to identify specific brain regions where NPY inhibits neuronal activity during withdrawal. Morphine dependence was induced in male Wistar rats by two daily(More)
(2014). Work‐related psychosocial risk factors for long‐term sick leave: a prospective study of the general working population in Norway, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 56(8):787–793. (2014). Psychosocial and organizational risk factors for doctor‐certified sick leave: a prospective study of female health and social workers in Norway, BMC(More)
In Japan, Spain, and the USA during one week acts of violence (verbal and nonverbal) were rated on the Index of Television Violence by 3 raters in each country. In all three countries televised violence was more likely depicted in interpersonal conflict than against property. Fewer scenes of physical or fatal injury appeared in Japan than in the other two(More)
Few empirical studies have examined factor structures of responses of vocationally impaired persons, and those studies have drawn only on aptitude scores (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale--Revised: WAIS--R). Results have been inconclusive as to whether a two- or three-factor solution is more appropriate. The present work examined the factor scores of a(More)
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