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The radionuclides 64Cu (T1/2=12.7h) and 67Cu (T1/2=61.9h) are useful in internal therapy. In connection with production of 64Cu, excitation functions of the reactions natZn(d,x)64Cu,(More)
A very efficient homogeneous system for visible-light driven hydrogen production in water is reported. This comprises the [Co(CR)Cl2](+) cobalt(III) tetraaza-macrocyclic complex (Cat1) as a noble(More)
A new pentanuclear bis(triple-helical) manganese complex has been isolated and characterized by X-ray diffraction in two oxidation states: [{Mn(II)(μ-bpp)(3)}(2)Mn(II)(2)Mn(III)(μ-O)](3+) (1(3+)) and(More)